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WorkSafe BC

British Columbia, Canada
Company Profile
WorkSafeBC is dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety for the workers and employers of this province. We consult with and educate employers and workers and enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. They have approximately 3000 staff who support over 100,000 employers throughout the province and over 2 million workers. WorkSafeBC process approximately 145,000 claims per year
Travel Expense, Facility Requests, Invoice Approval, Records Retrieval and many more forms
.NET, SharePoint, K2 blackpearl
3,000 staff members
Improve quality and timeliness Enforce a consistent business process Replace manual processes with automation Create transparency and auditability (know where things are at and who has done what) as self-service options Deliver flexibility to modify workflows without affecting the application code

With many of their systems being managed manually at ever-increasing volumes, WorkSafeBC needed to find a way to automate their processes. Lack of quality and timeliness were slowing down the team due to manual processes. The team also wanted to create added transparency and auditability, so that the right people would know where things where at and who had done what, eliminating bottlenecks. In addition, WorkSafeBC had a number of automated forms developed using Outlook forms in a creative and unique way. The platform for these forms (Exchange 2003) was no longer supported and the skillset to update these forms created a single point of failure. Because of this there was a strong push to get all 75 forms off Exchange 2003 and integrated into their current systems. Reg Dyck, IT Division Manager, WorkSafeBC, who manages the “Express Solutions” group responsible for SharePoint management and no-code development, said, “We had a larger project that needed a workflow engine, and knew we needed something at the enterprise level to use throughout the organization, including forms as well.”

WorkSafeBC had initially tried to implement the project using InfoPath with SharePoint workflows. Implementation was taking too long and was proving to be too costly to migrate all the Outlook Forms by the time the Exchange Server was to be upgraded. The company brought in K2 partner Dynamic Management Solutions (DMS) to assist in their enterprise forms and workflow development and helped in the development of K2 solutions. DMS was also asked to assist in the training and mentoring of the Express Solutions team. “We came in to a situation where there was a tight deadline and a team needing training. It was a challenge but one that we felt we could achieve together,” said Sergio Del Piccolo, Director of Business Transformation Services at DMS. After DMS was engaged, it took only six months to be fully productive and effective, a timeframe that has decreased with each new implementation, and is expected to be even less time with the upcoming K2 smartforms replacement. “One of the big stories for us is the successful building of the team,” said Del Piccolo. “Some of the people on the team are not developers. They were never developers. 

And they’re coming in, learning the different mindset and have learned internally how to build out and sustain development.” Some of the biggest benefits have been allowing people to easily access their worklists, letting them know immediately what needs to be done. Workflows for everything from travel requests to claims filing, invoice approval to records retrieval and more have been developed, implemented and have saved the company time and money. They can also now see where approval processes sit in real time, adding transparency and efficiency to their systems. “You can be functional quickly, but if you need to do more advanced work, it takes a deeper understanding of the software,” said Dyck. “K2 support has been very helpful throughout the process, and bringing in experts to coach and lead by example made all the difference.” For WorkSafeBC, the work is nowhere near done. They have a huge list of potential projects where they are looking to use K2, including:

  • Tapping into AD to automate LAN admin requests (provision, add permissions)
  • New employee intake process
  • Automating hundreds of paper forms