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D.A Townley & Associates

British Columbia, Canada
Company Profile
D.A. Townley is a firm of Group Benefit Plan Consultants and Administrators. They provide clients with a comprehensive range of customized services., D.A. Townley is the largest third-party employee benefits administrator in western Canada. They provide group benefit programs to over 1,000 corporate and union clients and coverage for 100,000 employees/members and dependents.
The Challenge
One of Canada’s largest third-party administrators for group benefit plans, D.A. Townley & Associates (DAT) engaged us to design, build and deploy an electronic claims transmission portal for one of their core departments. They were looking to move away from their current process, which was entirely paper-based and far too labour intensive.
The Objectives
A Secure and Fully-Functional Portal: We designed, built and deployed a portal that allowed users to submit their claims and keep track of the claim as it went through the approval process. Automated Claims Approval Process: We designed and implemented the claims approval process to route tasks to various process stakeholders including adjudicators, specialists and managers. Staff Training: DAT staff members were trained on how to use the portal and we developed user guides for the various internal and external users. Communication Plan: In collaboration with DAT, a comprehensive communication campaign was developed and implemented to inform external users on how to register for and use the portal.
The Results
DAT’s new electronic claims transmission portal is currently being used by dozens of stakeholder groups for electronic claims processing across Canada. Through automation, we helped DAT increase visibility, governance and accuracy.
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Dental Claims Portal

Design and Implementation:

System Adoption:

Cloud Integration: 

Our guidance and hands-on assistance with the implementation of the new platform, including training staff to adapt, helped them operate more efficiently and prepare for a prosperous future.