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D.A. Townley & Associates

British Columbia, Canada
Company Profile
D.A. Townley is a firm of Group Benefit Plan Consultants and Administrators. They provide clients with a comprehensive range of customized services., D.A. Townley is the largest third-party employee benefits administrator in western Canada. They provide group benefit programs to over 1,000 corporate and union clients and coverage for 100,000 employees/members and dependents.
The Challenge
D.A. Townley & Associates (DAT), one of Canada’s largest third-party administrators for group benefit plans, engaged us to optimize processes in their Claims and Pensions departments. They wanted to support an upcoming system implementation and ensure processes were scalable for future growth.
The Objectives
Improving the Process: We identified process improvements that would streamline current processes and ensure a service-oriented experience for members.

Introducing New Management Tools: We installed management operating systems to assist area managers in identifying variances to their operational plans on an hourly basis through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Increasing Employee Engagement: Collaborating with staff and management, we facilitated the development of a continuous improvement mindset across all departments. Employees were empowered to improve their departments by identifying new opportunities and putting them into action.

Ensuring Compatibility:,/b> We ensured that processes supported current and upcoming systems to account for future growth.

The Result
Our work resulted in major process improvements that were successfully rolled out across the departments. A new culture of continuous improvement has enabled staff to develop process changes as they discover new ways of doing things. DAT management uses the tools we developed to highlight and resolve issues on a daily basis.