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The City of Richmond Fire Hall

British Columbia, Canada
The Challenge
The City of Richmond came to us for assistance with the development of a robust tracking system for Richmond Fire and Rescue’s radios. Operational process development, system enhancements, and an implementation plan were required to ensure the project’s success. We provided assistance in developing the system requirements and procedures, developed test cases and training manuals, and conducted classroom training to introduce the new system.
The Objective
Determine Processes for Using the New System: Working with end users, we identified the Fire Hall Inventory System’s operational requirements. This included radio testing, reporting radio status, radio tracking, and recording radio maintenance. We also helped them visualize the flow of operations by creating detailed maps for each process.

Recommend System Enhancements: After mapping out the processes, we identified several areas of the system that could be enhanced to improve usability and user acceptance. We worked alongside system developers to ensure the most effective system was deployed.

Develop Documentation to Support the New System: We developed documentation to support the identified processes, including test case development to assist with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the new software. We also developed a Training Manual and an Operations Manual to support the ongoing use of the Fire Hall Radio Inventory System.

The Results
In less than three months, the City of Richmond’s Fire Hall Radio Inventory System was rolled out from process development through to implementation. By using the tools we developed, user compliance reached 100%. A ‘train the trainer’ program was developed and over 70 officers were instructed on how to use the new software.
City of Richmond