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Northern Health Authority

British Columbia, Canada
Company Profile
Northern Health Authority, through partnerships with communities and organizations, they promote health and provide health care services to Northern and rural populations.
The Challenge
The Northern Health Authority is a major healthcare provider in northern British Columbia, Canada. They use IT to manage their data, optimize operations and provide high-quality services in cooperation with other regional healthcare providers. Northern Health operates 24 acute care facilities, 14 long-term care facilities, and other public health units and offices providing specialized services. Northern Health approached us for help upgrading to a fully-integrated IT infrastructure. They chose Microsoft® BizTalk Server 2010, a messaging platform very familiar to our team. This platform was particularly ideal for their needs because it helps organizations meet the challenges of integrating diverse systems. BizTalk Server 2010 would help Northern Health: Simplify and automate interoperability to reduce costs and errors Gain critical insights on business processes and performance Shield processes from change impacts Promote agility and manageability Integrate to eliminate redundancy Automate business interactions with partners
The Objective
Our team guided Northern Health through implementation and adoption of the new messaging platform. Our goal was to help them gain maximum benefit from a reliable, secure and highly available system that would handle their applications while maintaining industry standards.
The Results
The new infrastructure allows for more efficient integration of clinical and administrative data across the organization while providing a user-friendly IT environment for staff at a reasonable cost. Northern Health’s management team continues to use the new platform to strengthen business intelligence, encourage detailed information sharing, and adapt to emerging best practices in their industry. Need a more integrated IT infrastructure to improve your performance? We can help. To learn more, contact us.

Manual processes and reliance on paper documentation were leading to delays, lack of visibility and an increased risk for lost information. Staff reported too many manual steps in the capital request process, and Dietmar Doerschlag, assistant manager of business technology services and project manager for the solution initiative, observed a lack of process governance and a lack of accountability. TransLink wanted to ensure pieces of work didn’t fall behind and that bottlenecks were being identified and addressed. TransLink’s objective was to increase efficiency across its large enterprise, raising both the transparency of the process and the accountability of everyone who takes part in it. But with no consistent document version control and no central repository for completed documents, collaboration across the enterprise in a virtual team environment was extremely challenging for project managers and sponsors. Significant manual effort was spent re-entering various data points across multiple disparate systems, which led to data entry errors, lack of automatic validation and long cycle times. No “single version of the truth” existed, and project managers spent considerable time having to “walk documents around” for approval.

Dynamic Management Solutions, a trusted K2 Partner in Vancouver, collaborated with TransLink throughout the initiative and designed, built and deployed 11 highly complex K2 applications that automated the entire capital project lifecycle — from project initiation to closure. Cathy McLay, CFO and executive vice president, TransLink Finance and Corporate Services, sponsored the project, in which the following K2 applications were deployed.

• Capital development: capital approval in principal submissions, capital approval in principal authorizations, specific project approvals, project change authorizations

• Capital asset cost control: asset capitalizations, capital project closeout

• Purchase order requisitioning

• Supplier management: supplier performance reviews, corrective action request management

• Invoice submission

• Progress draw payments

These applications not only reduced the overall cycle time per process but also created a collaboration portal and document repository by taking advantage of TransLink’s existing SharePoint platform.

The solutions integrate with TransLink’s line-of-business systems (e.g., an automatic funding check with the accounting system), provide extensive capabilities to report on process bottlenecks, allow users to quickly and efficiently view the status of a particular submission, and support collaboration through easy-to-use e-forms. Through new administrative consistencies, centralization, improved reporting and process integration, TransLink expects to save more than $330K in the first year and every year after. The ongoing financial and collaboration benefits of the Enterprise Capital Process Workflow System are expected to be significantly larger than the initial one-time and ongoing costs. The custom solution streamlines TransLink’s process, brings together all operating entities and unifies hundreds of people. “With K2, documents are automatically routed, which reduces processing time and prevents information from being misplaced,” said Sergio Del Piccolo, partner at Dynamic Management Solutions. “Duplicate data entry has been eliminated and process governance enforced. The solutions we implemented will be a win for TransLink and their customers.”