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The City of Richmond

British Columbia, Canada
The Challenge
The City of Richmond approached us to support the rollout of a corporate plan tracking system built on a customized SharePoint platform. The goal of the new system was to allow various teams and departments to collaborate on strategic business goals by displaying focus areas, targeted outcomes and action items. Our extensive experience in SharePoint technologies, including development and customization of training manuals for medium and enterprise customers, made us especially suited to rise to the challenge.
The Objective
Assess the Current Structure: We started the project by working alongside the Project Manager and SharePoint Administrator to gain an understanding of their current system structure and the roles and responsibilities of users. This allowed us to ensure the training was rolled out to the right people at the right time.

Develop a Training Manual and Training Plan for Users: We created user training documentation to support best-practice usage of the system. In the first round of training, we introduced users to the functionality of the current implementation, including how to view and filter items. We distributed 110 Navigation Guides for staff to use as their SharePoint reference tool.

Create Super User Guide for Corporate Plan Tracking System: After the first series of SharePoint workshops, we supported the project further by refining the Navigation Guide for a group of super users. These users required different processes (adding, viewing, editing and printing options), which were incorporated into the Super User Guide.

The Results
The City of Richmond was very pleased with the engagement, noting that the Navigation Guide was well received by staff. They were particularly impressed by the layout and information flow, as noted by The City’s Darlene Teranishi:

“The Navigation Guide and the Super User Guide was well laid out with relevant snapshots and clear explanations of what each snapshot represented. The layout of the Guide was displayed in an orderly manner that provides a user with a good flow of information opposed to “jumping” all over the place. The Guide provides clear instructions on how to get from Point A to Point B.”

They also appreciated our hands-on approach: “I certainly enjoyed working with DMS. Through various meetings with the consultants, their goal was clearly evident that the end product contains correct and pertinent information. I also appreciated how accessible and flexible the consultants were throughout this project and that they took time to check in on a regular basis, and were quick to respond to any changes that were required. Another benefit of working with DMS was their strong working knowledge of SharePoint. This proved to be an asset as it allowed more time for Anita to concentrate on the content opposed to “learning” a new application.

Thank you, DMS for your professionalism and for caring that these two manuals were created to our corporate standards.”

City of Richmond