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Tolko's Growing Pains

British Columbia, Canada
Manufacturing, Natural Resources
Company Profile
Tolko Industries Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian forest products company based in Vernon, British Columbia. It manufactures and markets specialty forest products to world markets. Tolko's products include lumber, plywood, veneer and oriented strand board. The Company's Woodlands operations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have received third-party certification of their sustainable forest management systems. Tolko employs approximately 3,000 people across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.
Integration, Cloud
.NET, Microsoft BizTalk Server
3,000 staff members
Scope & Complexity
With a desire to address the growing complexity of their systems, Tolko was looking to streamline and modernize their infrastructure and applications. They engaged DMS for help implementing a customized Enterprise Service Bus using the Microsoft BizTalk Server Platform and .NET technologies. The goal was to integrate the new system with their complex HR systems for greater efficiency.

Design and Implementation: We designed a custom Enterprise Service Bus solution for Tolko, and assisted them with the implementation. This included installation and configuration of a robust BizTalk Server platform that met industry and internal best practices for high availability, scalability and security.

System Adoption: As part of the adoption process, we provided training for Tolko staff on operational best practices and the ongoing development of the BizTalk Server platform.

Cloud Integration: We successfully developed and delivered an integration solution between internal Tolko HR systems and a newly adopted cloud-based solution provided by Ultimate (UltiPro). We also coached and mentored internal staff on how to tackle future integration projects involving Tolko’s complex HR systems.

Our guidance and hands-on assistance with the implementation of the new platform, including training staff to adapt, helped Tolko catch up to its rapid growth. It also helped them operate more efficiently and prepare for a prosperous future.