About DMS Group

DMS Group has pioneered IT services for over a decade, consistently delivering business value with the latest technology.

Dynamic Management Solutions (or just DMS) was founded over a decade ago and we are proud to be a Vancouver (Canada) based technology services company.

As a customer-centric organization, DMS was founded on two basic guiding principles: transparency and integrity. Over the years, we’ve ensured that every client relationship adheres to these core values.

Today, we help companies of all sizes successfully leverage their technology investments. In today’s ever-changing environment, we recognize that each organization’s needs are different. Whether it’s managed services, setting up a center of excellence or integrating legacy technology platforms with the cloud, our wide array of skill sets and expertise sets our clients up for long term success.

Our growth is a testament of our hard work, innovation and a continued commitment to our customer, staff and ecosystem we operate in.