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An Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps helps in building solutions that can integrate data, systems and services across enterprises by automating task and business processes in the form workflows. Logic App is a Azure Cloud Service that helps in design and developing scalable solutions for app, data, systems and enterprise application integration (EAI). It can also do the business to business (B2B) communication on cloud or on premises or both.

Logic Apps can help us in the following scenarios:

  • Process and route orders across on premises systems and cloud services.
  • Automate uploading of the files from SFTP to Azure Storage services.
  • Send email notifications with Office 365 when any event triggers in systems, applications or services.

Benefits of Logic Apps
Logic Apps can bring multiple benefits to the organizations including:

  • Create business process and workflow visually
  • Integrate with SaaS and enterprise applications.
  • Automate EAI, B2B/EDI and business processes.

Typical Role of Logic Apps in Enterprise

Logic Apps plays a vital role in the Enterprise. The following are the use cases:

  • Connecting cloud based systems Logic Apps provides out of the box functionality for connecting multiple Azure Cloud based services seamlessly.
  • Bridge connections On Premise to Cloud We can easily build connections between our on-premise systems with the cloud- based services. Multiple connectors provides plug and play like functionality to the developers.
  • On Demand Scalability Azure Logic Apps can be scaled automatically to meet the growing needs of the applications and business. Also, the Logic Apps works on the consumption-based billing model, that means we pay for whatever we use. This helps in reducing the cost in the long run.
  • Enterprise connectors for MQ and SAP Logic apps provides out of box functionality for vital systems like Messaging Queue Systems, SAP and other systems. Developers can just easily use them in the form of plug and play.

Final Thoughts
Microsoft is investing heavily into the integration space by bringing in Logic Apps as a service in the Azure Cloud. Through Logic Apps Microsoft is providing a rich, clean and a modern system to provide integration capabilities to the enterprises for their ever growing and changing business needs.