BizTalk BizTalk Azure Migration

What to do about your BizTalk Server investment?

Do you have an existing BizTalk integration? Are you wondering about how to manage its future? Do you want to hear what others are doing? If so, then download our paper on approaching BizTalk to iPaaS migrations. Its free and provides insight into approaches we have found to be successful when migrating BizTalk Server environments to iPaaS on Azure.
We hope it helps you expedite decisions and get you started on a successful BizTalk Server migration. We also leave you with an open invitation to reach out to us. At DMS Group we have not only successfully completed BizTalk Server migrations, we also have a team of consultants who not only know Azure but who have decades of experience building and operating integration solutions with BizTalk Server. If leveraging that knowledge and experience in your own projects can help then reach out to us, either on LinkedIn or at the contact email address included at the end of the paper.  

Contact DMS to find out more about our success stories with migrating/implementing integration solutions in the cloud.