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Cost considerations when migrating from BizTalk to Azure

Migrating from BizTalk to Azure can have several cost implications, including: Cost Reduction: Azure Integration Services (AIS) can lead to cost reduction, as it offers scalable cloud infrastructure and mod...

BizTalk BizTalk Azure Migration

What to do about your BizTalk Server investment?

Do you have an existing BizTalk integration? Are you wondering about how to manage its future? Do you want to hear what others are doing? If so, then download our paper on approaching BizTalk to iPaaS migration...

BizTalk BizTalk Azure Migration

Migrate BizTalk Applications to Azure using the Azure Integration Migrator

The Azure Integration Migrator Tool (also known as the the BizTalk Migrator) is a command-line tool that helps migrate BizTalk applications to Azure Integration Services (AIS). What it is A command-line ...