BizTalk BizTalk Azure Migration

Migrate BizTalk Applications to Azure using the Azure Integration Migrator

The Azure Integration Migrator Tool (also known as the the BizTalk Migrator) is a command-line tool that helps migrate BizTalk applications to Azure Integration Services (AIS).

What it is

  • A command-line interface for migrating BizTalk artifacts to Azure.
  • Uses a plug-in architecture, allowing new functionality/features to be added to cover additional migration scenarios.
  • Follows a phased approach
BizTalk Application Migration

What it can do

  • Successfully migrate the FTP/File Mover scenario (used by over 80% of BizTalk customers).
  • Successfully migrate a simple HTTP request-response scenario.
  • Build a complete model of a BizTalk application, using Enterprise Patterns.
  • It will convert as much as it can allowing for the manual conversion the remaining artifacts.
  • Produce a BizTalk Migration Report of the found BizTalk artifacts and what can be migrated
BizTalk Migrator Report

What it supports

  • Adapters: File; FTP; HTTP.
  • Pipelines
    • XmlReceive
    • XmlTransmit
    • PassthruReceive
    • PassthruTransmit
  • Pipeline components
    • XmlDisassembler
    • XmlAssembler
    • XmlValidator
    • JsonDecoder
    • JsonEncoder
    • FlatFileDecoder
  • Orchestration entities
    • Variables
    • Ports/Port Types
    • Receive Shapes
    • Send Shapes
    • Construct Shapes
    • Transform Shapes
  • Transforms in Receive Ports/Send Ports.
  • Property Promotion and Demotion in pipelines.
  • Generate placeholders for unsupported orchestration shapes.

Putting it all together
The Migrator This tool is a first step in the BizTalk to Azure Migration process. It will convert as much as it can and create a library of common services and Logic Apps that can be used by any integration application. Our expert BizTalk Azure consultants will complete the BizTalk LogicApp Migration of the artifacts that were not migrated as part of the tool.

To get started, or for more information about migrating from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services, contact our experts here at DMS Group today.