Automated Deployment with BizTalk 2020

New with BizTalk Server was the built in support for automated deployment using Azure DevOps. When creating the BizTalk Server solution, a new BizTalk Server Application Project (.btaproj) can be added to the solution. This new project holds all the BizTalk applications that you build and deploy using the Azure DevOps build and release features.

This project contains a couple of files:

  • BizTalkServerInventory.json – contains the BizTalk assemblies, binding files and a deployment sequence.
  • XML Binding file

Adding the BizTalk Server Application Project project

When ready, add the new BizTalk Server Application Project project to your solution.

Add the required solution projects to the project’s references and the solution binding file.

Configuring the JSON template

Configure the BizTalkServerInventory.json file which contains the following sections:

  • BizTalk Assemblies
  • Binding Files
  • Deployment Sequence

Once complete, build the solution to ensure everything is configured correctly.

Contact DMS to find out more about automated deployment of BizTalk solutions.