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Cost considerations when migrating from BizTalk to Azure

Migrating from BizTalk to Azure can have several cost implications, including: Cost Reduction: Azure Integration Services (AIS) can lead to cost reduction, as it offers scalable cloud infrastructure and mod...


Automated Deployment with BizTalk 2020

New with BizTalk Server was the built in support for automated deployment using Azure DevOps. When creating the BizTalk Server solution, a new BizTalk Server Application Project (.btaproj) can be added to the s...


Integrate Microsoft Teams with Azure DevOps

Microsoft Teams is a tool for team collaboration in Office 365. It goes far beyond a simple chat or video call client. This tool also helps enable teamwork with application integration and file sharing. Th...

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Azure Pipelines: YAML or Classic UI?

When creating an Azure Pipeline, you’re given the option to use YAML or to use the classic editor. YAML is a relatively new option, but should you choose it simply because its new? Which experience is trul...